Newest Member of the Rock A Bye Baby Blog Team - Mykala Strzelecki

We are so excited to Welcome and introduce Mykala Strzelecki (Myk), who is the newest member of the Rock A Bye Baby Co. Blog Team. Myk will be blogging about her crazy parenting adventures and real life experiences of being a mommy! 
Without further of due, meet Myk!
"Hey, hello!  My name is Mykala, or informally Myk.  I reside in the land of the Hand, Michigan, where I was born, and sort of raised.  I am a full-time Registered Dental Hygienist.  Mr. (not formally married, but working on it) and I welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Lincoln, (January of 2016) which tossed us into the crazy adventures of parenting.  
I am a sarcastic, sassy, baby-wearing, breast-pumping, full-time working momma, doing everything I think is best for my family.  I hope to offer comfort, support, laughter and ideas to anyone out there that is here to read about my sometimes crazy, funny, boring, but always real life. 
Cheers 🍻"


Rock A Bye Baby Co. is so excited to have you on our team and we can't wait to read more about you in future blog posts! 



To follow Myk on instagram head over to her page which is located here or search for her with the username @mykrofl 

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