The Overdone List of MUST Haves In Your Hospital Bag

I am writing you this list, scratch that, I am writing ME this list so I never forget all of the things I need in my hospital bag when we have baby #2.  I have seen these lists before, but this is my list.  I will call it the minimalist list because you don’t need extras cluttering up all your space.

  • I would never, ever, ever go to the hospital again in a bra that is not easy to take on and off, expensive etc.  I will also not have another baby without purchasing the Gilligan & O’Malley Nursing Sleep Bra from Target.  I will buy one in every size, I will wear one to the hospital and put one in my bag.  [Side note, this bra has absolutely no support, wear it with a cami…. which will be your best friend post birth if it isn’t already.
  1. Disposable Underwear (if your hospital doesn’t provide them) Check them out here >>>> Mama Goddess Birth Shop.  You truly feel like a mom when they hand you over these vintage lace negligée. I know, I know! Super sexy but super useful. 

  2. Dermoplast Spray!   My hospital provided this, this LIFESAVING spray for you know, umm down under.  After you go to the bathroom spray this and, ummm personally couldn’t live without it.  

  3. Pajamas:  I wore Victoria Secret Flannel Pajamas home.  I feel like you want something COMFORTABLE.  If you are nursing or plan on trying to nurse, you will want something with easy access to the girls.  So two rules for pajamas…. Comfortable, easy chest access!  

  4. Socks w. anti-slip on the bottom:  Pretty self-explanatory.  I opt for no slippers they take up too much room in the bag and probably aren’t comfortable laying in the hospital bed with them on

  5. Mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner: When you take your first shower, it will feel amazing.  Like you never showered before.  Bring your own hair products, you will thank me.  

  6. Mini makeup bag:  Lotion, concealer, mascara, lipstick/stain/gloss, eyebrow pencil., hairbrush, toothpaste/toothbrush.  Whatever your go to is!

  7. Snacks:  You need snacks for you, for whoever is at the hospital coaching you along.

  8. Water Cup:  I never leave home without my water cup.  It was nice because it was bigger than the Styrofoam cup that the hospital gives you.  The little things, haha. 

  9. Camera/Camcorder/Chargers:  Don’t forget these things!  

  10. Bringing home baby outfit and pajamas for baby!!!!!



Side note, nobody told me that I would need to be stocked up on the biggest pads that I have ever used in my life.   I had a closet full of panty liners, ahem no those won’t work. 

I hope this list helps someone out there like myself, prepare for your hospital adventure.  I would totally forget about packing a pillow, robe, blanket, and slippers because all of those things take up far to much room in my bag.  But hey, that’s just me.  

So, future moms, current moms, future me…. Don’t forget the essentials, keep it light, and keep it real.  


~ Written by Mykala (Myk) Strzelecki
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