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SHARK! Swaddle

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Infant and Baby Shark Swaddles in a variety of colors
Swaddling is the ancient method of snugly wrapping up your baby to help him feel safe and secure.

Being wrapped up can stop your baby from being disturbed by his own startle reflex. You may have noticed your baby doing little jerks of his body when he's sleeping. These jerks are his startle reflex (hypnagogic startles) and are completely normal.

Swaddling your baby can also help to settle him down when he's over-stimulated.
If you want to try swaddling, check that your baby isn't hungry or wet before you start. Keep his or her face and head uncovered, so he can breathe easily and doesn't overheat. If your baby is swaddled, he probably won't need another blanket on top.

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